It is crucial to clarify the entire Title of the website. 

The word know refers to a clear understanding of something. While the word culture refers to the way of living of certain groups of people from a particular period.


Know my culture was brought by the number of observations and others related.

It attempts to answer the followings: 


  1. How and where to begin to learn someone or own culture?
  2. What are the elements of culture?
  3. Language, music, food, dance, customs, religion, brideprice & its importance, marriage processes, funeral processes, kingship and support staff, polygamy attire and its proposes, role of the man and women, conflict management by traditional leadership, African games, nuclear and cluster families.
  4. Who is the custodian of your culture?
  5. What role does culture play in your life?

5.. Where is the origin or fountain of culture?

  1. What is the relationship between culture and education?


In this knowing my culture to teach and learn from one another. As a member of this community, there will be questions, the debate about cultures of the world. It will provide the opportunity for community members to post and showcase their cultures. The community of Know My Culture is called the University of Culture of the World. 


There will be a membership fee of R50, 00per annum, and more benefit likable to view videos and can buy and others related to different cultures. To re-educate those miseducated or not knowing how to know their own and colleague cultures.


Are you ready to see the light of your culture, participate through debate, and learn the role of culture? To know where you come from self-identity and to share with your children? 


This is going to the Hub of Global  Cultural University.